Klingon Idioms

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How many times has someone heard it?
My blood is thicker than yours
My blood is thicker than yours.
My little toe aches a lot
The cup contains water
the sword is in the ocean
use a big scoop
use a little scoop
we hit two targets
two faces
twenty-two ribs
the river (water) is red
has navigated many ships
want the wind to respect someone
when spirits escape from Gre'thor
If you shine my nose, I will give you *your* nose.
take away a sash
he/she has killed all his/her enemies
consider every weapon
The claw is sharp.
The claw is dull.
lunge and deflect
Pour the cold bloodwine into another glass!
good, (it is) night
sing a different battle song
Stop, (it is) enough
helmet and boot
display a glove on one's helmet
vegetable days
The door is locked
chase forest sarks
your fighting technique is obsolete
forcefully sweep away
use the third toe forcefully
before it breaks its shell
Be frozen!
Break a pipius!
can either keep it or discard it
when it falls
many faces
kill gagh
use the little finger
Eat the fire skin!
sit in a chair
kut'luch rank
Show me your fist!
adult thumbs and children thumbs
Fek'lhr's eyes are green
from area-southwestward to area-northwestward to area eastward
chew ligament
navigate a warrior ship
The hoop is moving
we hit one target
twelve days and twelve nights
Be frozen!